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Bring a Covered Dish and your best Karaoke Singing voice!

USW 9479 Picnic


Our picnic was declared a success by immediate past president, Ernestror Pena. "We have three times the number of attendees and USW employees as last year." Said Ernestor.

Prizes amounting to $1,200.00 were distributed and despite the rain we tripled our previous year's participation.

We were especially honored to have Katherine Savers McGovern, candidate for US House, as our special guest.

We appreciate the assistance of all our sponsors and ask that you patronize them.

We thank Roy Robinson, Ernestor Pena, Efrain Acevedo, Janet Shaw (AFL/CIO ex), Maria our president and Andrea for all the work and coordination that was needed to make our Picnic a success.

We also thank our office manager, Lico Reyes, for donating his two sound systems, one for DJ and one for PA. And for his putting this event together for us again this year.

If you missed it this year get geared up to make the one next year!

industrial worker

Former Grievance Rep Dan Pedroza

We were sad to hear that Dan had passed away recently. His good advice and willingness to assist were of immense help to many of our members. Dan will be missed by all.

Merit Raise Problems Persist

Once again this year the one thing really necessary to improve your chances of getting an above average Merit Score is having a grade of H or better. Surprise! Oh, okay. Not a surprise, more like an unwelcome truth.

Examination of the 1213 merit scores that were rated above average showed that 659 (54%) went to employees grade A thru G. However 554 (46%) went to employees H or higher. This might seem pretty even unless you also consider that the H and higher group represent only 25% of the employees. Almost a 50% increase in your chance of making a good score if you are in the higher grades.

If you look at the chart on page two, you can see that certain groups faired far worse than other. Despite promises to various council members that things would be more equitable this time around they weren’t. Once again the employees in grade C had the highest percentage of poor or below average grades. But at least they are spread out in all the city departments. What the heck is happening with the library? They are the only department with Grade A employees and almost 1/3 of them received below average grades. Kinda makes ya glad you don’t work there doesn’t it. Or at least not working there in that grade.

As bad as this persistent inequity in scoring is the lack of changes in the appeal process. The person signing off on your raise is still the person that you do your final appeal to. :P Bleh to that.

logistic worker

Bad Bonds. Just say NO!

One of the scary things about the proposed bond program is the amount of money that is going to be spent fixing deferred building maintenance. Huh? The reason we have so many critical needs on our buildings is that lots of the general fund money that should have been used on building upkeep for the last ten years, has been instead used to fund special projects or avoid needed tax increases.

How many times over the years have we heard, “we can fund ‘project x’ with no increase in taxes.” Well sure we can, but only if we are sucking the money from somewhere else. And guess what? When the money that should have been going to minor roof repairs is funneled to some other pet project, buildings don’t complain, they just rot in silence.

Of course the down side of this is that minor roof problems, don’t stay minor, they grow into major roof problems, with perhaps some mold problems and interior damage thrown in just for laughs. Apparently, ‘someone’ did not get the memo that neglected maintenance causes bigger and more expensive problems at a later date.

construction worker

The bond package proposed for November has almost 26 million dollars in it to be spent on roof and building system repairs, upgrades and replacements. Why? Why on earth would anyone want to take out a twenty year loan to fix a roof? Your average flat roof won’t last that long. How many air conditioning systems can go twenty years without a major overhaul? What do we do when the new roof we paid for with our bond money needs fixing ten years down the line? Truthfully? Probably nothing. After all, we are still paying for the roof, we certainly won’t have any money for maintenance.

Another huge chunk of change is being earmarked for building replacement. Why do so many buildings and complexes need replacing? Some doubtless because more space is needed, but sadly quite a few buildings need to be replaced because they have fallen into rack and ruin due to deferred maintenance. So we should spend 62 million to replace them? What money are we going to use to maintain these new buildings?

The importance of civil services for an efficient administration

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Entities that contribute to the modernization of the State

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The optimal performance of people working in the public sector is essential to successfully achieve the strategic goals of any organization and, therefore, the State as a whole. In this way, citizens are provided with an efficient service at all times.

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