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2007 Performance Appraisal Plan Comments

It does not matter how well you do your job...what matters is averaging the departments percentage and who knows who. You can have people who do not do their job getting 8+ % increase and others who get the minimum. There is a great deal of inequity in our department and it is getting worse. We need new management.

While I am overall happy with the review, I am disappointed with the process. My supervisor never met with me one-on-one to discuss any of her comments, some of which are still unclear. Furthermore, I was given the review sheet about an hour before it was due and told to sign it. After reading over it, I had a question. When I asked if she had a minute to discuss the review, I was told that she had to be at City Hall to turn them in within the hour, and, therefore, she could not discuss it with me at the moment. I signed the review understanding how busy things can get around here, but I still have not had the opportunity to discuss the review with my supervisor.

My supervisor has not met with me to go over my evaluation. I was provided the evaluation form and told to fill it out myself and return it by the following day. A few weeks later, I was given my evaluation back with additional comments from my supervisor. We were told to review them, make notes of any discrepancies, sign them, and return them immediately to her. I quickly reviewed my evaluation, signed it, and returned it to her so she could take it to City Hall by the deadline (which happened to be that day). She did not meet with me to go over my evaluation. I have not received a copy of my evaluation. She has not informed me about whether or not I will receive a merit increase. Although our evaluations were submitted a couple of weeks ago, I have yet to have a meeting with my supervisor to go over the comments on my evaluation. Some of the comments on my evaluation are unclear, and I would welcome an opportunity to meet with her to clarify them.

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My supervisor had the attorneys in prosecution fill out our own evaluations. She then took those and made changes and filled them out from there. I had concerns over my evaluation that were not addressed and I was not provided the opportunity to speak with my supervisor about them. Though I signed my evaluation, I felt that the time alloted for this was not adequate given that they were presented to us the same day they were submitted to City Hall. I was told that I would be able to meet with my supervisor later about my evaluation, but this has not taken place yet.

I had a good evaluation but was disappointed to learn that others within the department who, in my opinion give a marginal at best performance, was given the same rating I was and the same percentage of merit increase which is unfair as the persons who was given equal evaluation and merit has a poor poor work performance and isn't reliable, often MIA and can't be counted on at all- the rest of us have to do their job for them yet they receive the same rating and merit. It is unfair... but a standard that seems to be set throughout the city.

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The evaluation was not conducted in a professional manner and the Competencies and overall rating were not at all reflective of my performance and were not consistent with the ratings given on the Responsibilities. In 20+ years, it is the most inconsistent and inaccurate one I've ever had. There was no discussion of the scores or overall performance and I was given no opportunity to discuss it or provide input, which was a first for me. I was handed the evaluation and expected to sign it. I still do not know the percentage I was given, as my supervisor has failed to inform me of it.

My supervisor was not in the position for the entire review period, in fact, was still fairly new to the City, yet the previous supervisor was never contacted for input and my previous evaluations were not reviewed. I was told that several people provided input on my evaluation which made no sense to me because I confirmed that the previous supervisor had none. Why is it that employees are not provided an opportunity to ha

The extra work that employees do have no weigh on the performance appraisal to supervisors. So you worked on projects not on the plan that great for the dept but you get nothing from it, just thanks. Thanks is not what you come to work for.